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What is VoIP?

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What is Voice over Internet Protocol: VoIP?

VoIP phone system options for businesses in Virginia BeachVoice over IP (VoIP) is the new standard in telecommunications. As an integral part of any business infrastructure, IP telephone systems can maximize the flexibility and functionality of your business communications.

VoIP is a technology that allows people to utilize the Internet as a transmission medium for telephone calls. By using VoIP, businesses can avoid long distance charges and save on expensive landlines. The technology is also known as Voice over Broadband, and IP Telephony.  

Benefits of VoIP for small business

  • VoIP contributes to increased employee productivity. With more flexibility to work remotely, employees are happier and work that much harder.
  • VoIP makes business happen faster. Gone are the days of poor connections, costly business trips, and clunky office phone systems. The VoIP-enabled office allows for lightning fast information-sharing through video conferencing and unified communications and collaboration.
  • VoIP is easy to use. The cutting edge telephone systems BCS sells and manages are simple to operate. It doesn’t matter if you need to forward a call down the hall or across the country. You won’t be confused by the interface.

Whether you’re ready today or sometime down the road, we have the expertise and solutions that allow you to decide when and where it makes sense to deploy IP telephony. From single user remote users (SOHO), to small branch offices, to multiple locations networked together, we have the flexibility and capability to design and deploy a solution that is right for you.

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