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Mitel® MiCollab Cient is a unified communications application that provides a single access point for all your business communication and collaboration needs.

It merges the call control capabilities of Mitel systems with contact management, Dynamic Status, and collaboration applications, to simplify and enhance real-time communications. It gives you unprecedented control over your communications and allows real-time access to everyone in the organization, on or off the premises, with user and phone presence information that makes every phone call or instant message count. Employees can find, communicate, and collaborate with others quickly, simply and in the moment.

MiCollab is the solution with options that specifically meet the needs of your user communities, delivering real business benefits: better efficiency and productivity, reduced costs, enhanced responsiveness and streamlined business operations.

Simplified Call Management and Logging
When MiCollab Client is started, the MiCollab server updates the client with all the cached call log information since the last client session. It also automatically remembers the phone numbers the user dials most frequently and makes them easily accessible from a centralized drop-down menu.

Presence and Availability
Save time when contacting people by knowing whether they are on the phone, away from their desk, or available for secure instant chat or collaboration.

Integration with Mitel Dynamic Extension and Dynamic Extension Express
A MiCollab user who also has Dynamic Extension or Dynamic Extension Express can answer an incoming call directed to their desk phone on a device of their choice – for example, on a cell phone or home phone.

Dynamic Status
Dynamic Status provides the user with an easy method of specifying IM, presence, and call routing preferences. The status can be changed from within the MiCollab client, remotely from the MiCollab Web or Mobile Portal, or it can be automatically updated based on the user’s Microsoft® Outlook® calendar information.

MiCollab Softphone
Using an embedded software-based IP phone, mobile users can make and receive calls as though they were inside the corporate network.

Integration with MiCollab Teleworker Solution with MiVoice Business
Teleworker solution allows the user to connect to and access their corporate voice network through the MiCollab Softphone, from home or on the road, without the need for a virtual private network (VPN) connection.

Visual Voice Mail
This feature enables the user to view the voice mail details and view the presence and calendar information of the person who left the voice mail.

Corporate Secure IM

MiCollab Client’s secure IM and file sharing features offer a highly usable chat experience. Initiate a single or multiparty chat at the click of a mouse and, at the same time, share documents by dragging and dropping files into the chat session.

MiCollab Web and Mobile Portals
Users can access the Web and Mobile Portals from any internet-connected PC or web-enabled mobile device. From these portals, the user is able to control their Dynamic Status, view corporate contact details and presence information, view call history information, and view voice message details.

MiCollab Dynamic Location
MiCollab Dynamic Location allows users to define the GPS locations to associate with each Dynamic Status and automatically changes Dynamic Status based on GPS location or by manual selection.

MiCollab Client Console
The MiCollab Client console is designed for environments where the attendant, receptionist, or administrator has multiple job functions and require their telephone and PC to conduct daily tasks outside of call answering. The MiCollab Client console provides rich Mitel presence information to the console user, helping to process calls more efficiently.

MiCollab Client Launchpad
The Launchpad is a configurable shutter that can be set up to provide a variety of functions. A user can call individual contacts with a single mouse click and create speed dials that will quickly navigate voice mail and conference service menus. The user can also launch URL’s to frequently accessed websites and web-based applications.

Knowledge Management
This feature provides a means for a user to associate files, documents, and Outlook emails to a contact in their corporate contacts list. This means that when a contact calls, based on the calling line ID, the associated items will be made available to the user for quick access.

Integration with Mitel MiCollab Client Advanced (MCA)
MiCollab users quickly launch a video and / or data conference with the click of a button. Audio Web Conference (AWC) offers powerful collaboration features including audio conferencing, application and desktop sharing, co-browsing, remote desktop control, and multiparty desktop video conferencing.

Integration with Business Applications
Enhance communications and productivity tools such as Outlook and Microsoft Office. Users can dial from their Outlook contact list, integrate their Dynamic Status with their Outlook calendar, and click-to-dial using smart tags

MiCollab Brochure
You can learn more about MiCollab with this pdf brochure.