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Network Monitoring Service

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Network Monitoring serviceBCS Network Monitoring involves everything required to deliver a range of IT services remotely and report on those services with unprecedented detail to small and mid-sized businesses or across corporate networks.

BCS Network Monitoring services provide a feature-rich, end-to-end platform that gives us the power to:

  • Manage multiple networks and sites from a single interface
  • Control access to any device remotely—anytime, anywhere
  • Monitor and manage hardware and software in virtual environments
  • Monitor every desktop, server and network device
  • Automate routine tasks with self-healing functionality
  • Real-time alerting when systems or services go down

Remote Monitoring
BCS Network Monitoring console provides the ability to easily onboard and monitor the availability and performance of any IP-enabled device and take control when needed.

Remote Automation
Remote automation makes routine IT tasks like defragging, auto restart, back-ups, end point security and other manual tasks happen automatically.

Remote Support
We have the functionality required to effectively manage end-users and deliver more than 90 percent of services remotely.

Virtual Machine Management
We detect, manage and monitor VMware instances. BCS Network Monitoring oversees the key hardware components of ESX and ESXi servers to proactively warn you when a hardware-related problem may occur. This enables us to identify and fix the problem before it affects the guests being hosted on your virtual infrastructure

Technician Mobility
Technicians can access BCS Network Monitoring from any iOS or Android device. This enables our team to log in and respond to all alerts and activities without being next to the BCS Networking Monitoring console, thus increasing efficiency.

Self Healing
BCS Network Monitoring takes services automation to a new level with a self-healing capability that automatically resolves issues on remote devices — so technicians don’t have to.

Administrators can pre-configure responses to specific types of failures. When a specified failure is detected by BCS Networking Monitoring, the system will automatically execute a service restart or script that has been configured by the administrator to remediate the issue.

Desktop and Server Monitoring
An effective infrastructure and systems monitoring program enables BCS to detect and respond to threatening availability and security issues before they become critical. It also empowers us to become more proactive and make better infrastructure planning decisions based on historical trending and detailed usage analysis.

Network Monitoring
BCS Networking Monitoring supports monitoring of a broad range of services on virtually any network device. It has the power to monitor settings for more than 160 services based on industry best practices.

We know you and your customers depend on your network and server availability.  Contact us today to learn more about our network monitoring services.