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Digital Signage

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It’s the fastest growing trend in public display systems; digital signage is being used in everything from corporate communications to retail outlets to campus messaging.

digital_sign_solutions_virginiaDigital signage solutions from BCS Voice & Data can range from simple text and still images to full-motion animation. Some of the most popular digital-sign formats include LCD, plasma screens, scrolling message boards and electronic billboards.

The benefits of digital signs:

  • They can be frequently and easily updated, enterprise-wide, from one location
  • You’ll save on the printing and/or construction costs associated with static signage
  • You can implement interactive abilities using real-world interfaces such as touch screens, movement detection and more
  • You can also manage your content on- or off-site to adapt it to different times and groups
  • Indoor or outdoor applications


Digital signs from BCS Voice & Data are highly customizable to meet all your advertising and communication needs. We’ll work with you closely to design the perfect solution for your operational requirements and aesthetic tastes.  Contact us today to learn more about options for your business.